Welcome to the “Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology” Graduate Program

The Graduate Program “Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology” of the University of Patras has completed its 1st year of operation. The program is a joint collaboration of the two Departments, Chemistry and Medicine of the University of Patras, Greece. The program has been successful so far with research and academic activities in the field of “Medicinal Chemistry” and “Chemical Biology”.

The main research interests of program are focused on: i) rational design and synthesis of biologically active compounds implicated in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc, ii) conformational study of pharmaceutical compounds and structural bioinformatics, iii) Structure Activity Relationship Studies (SARs), iv) development of methodologies for the synthesis and characterization of biologically active compounds, v) in vitro and in vivo biological assessment, vi) development of methodologies for analysis (pharmacokinetics, bioavailability) of pharmaceutical compounds, vii) development of supra-molecules for bio-mimetic systems.

The success of Graduate Program mainly based on the efforts of faculty members of Chemistry and Medicine Departments of the University of Patras, in the field of “Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology”, in collaboration with researchers from other University and Institutes and to constructive cooperation with the Graduate Students.

Dimitris Gatos

Professor of Organic Chemistry

Head of “Medicinal Chemistry &  Chemical Biology” graduate program